Journal of Borderland Research - Vol. 52, No. 01
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Journal of Borderland Research - Vol. 52, No. 01

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1st Quarter, 1996
The Ray-X Research Project: Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of EMF Radiations
by Michael Theroux
Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and their detrimental effects on humans have become a popular topic among many researchers today. On any side of the debate, we still have researchers touting the possible healing effects of certain electromagnetic devices, while on the other side, investigative inquiries suggest that the effects of all EMFs are quite harmful to the living -citing such consequences as nerve damage, cellular disequilibrium, fatique syndromes, and more.
Ultra Microscopes and Cure Rays: Dr. Royal R Rife
by Gerry Vassilatos
There is a constant war being waged which most prefer to ignore. Living out our days in the joyous sunshine, we rarely choose to glimpse full faced into the horrid visage of disease as physicians so often do. Perhaps it is pain, perhaps fear. Despite our willful ignorance, hideous armadas of pathogens march through all nations unhindered. These indsidious enemies wage therr continual war against the human condition, with a cruel and merciless deliberation. Pride and wealth cannot keep these legions away. They are deadly, having no conscience or allegiance
Interstellar Communications Signals
by L.G. Lawrence
Field Manager, Ecola Institute
Reprinted from the July-August, 1973 issue of the Round Robin
The possibility of life beyond Earth tends to evoke partisan emotions denoting two and (2) that is ubiquitous and abundant throughout the universe. Hints about life elsewhere have been vague, including "organised elements" in meteorites. Martian infra-red spectra implying organic molecules, and the rare non-random radio signals whose reception was claimed by Tesla and Marconi.

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